About Kyle Gercken


Kyle Gercken has been drawing with his father since he could hold a crayon. Kyle's father drew a lot and influenced Kyle to draw as well. As he grew older he was no stranger to spending most of his time drawing and doodling in school. He took many art classes in high school. These were the classes he truly excelled in because making art came natural to him. After graduating from Slippery Rock Area High School in 2005 Kyle decieded to get his Assosiates Degree in Applied Science from BC3. After that he moved to Breckenridge, Colorado to snowboard and work as a lift scanner. Even though he had a busy life filled with school, work, and moving, Kyle still found time for art. He mostly painted and drew. Upon moving home to Slippery Rock he decided he wanted to go to school for art because it was what he really loved to do. He attended Slippery Rock University in 2011 with plans to get his Bachelor's in Fine Art. He started with painting, drawing, and digital media his first few semesters. Then, after about a year being at Slippery Rock University he decided to try working with new materials, so he enrolled into metalsmithing and sculpture classes. He blended metalsmithing and sculpture and created a new way to express and channel his thoguhts and ideas. He was instantly in love with this new form of manipulating materials into the things he had envisioned. He still loves to paint and draw but sculptural metalsmithing has been his main focus his last few semesters. Kyle will be graduating with Honors from Slippery Rock University this spring with his Bachelor's in Fine Arts. He looks forward to getting done with school and finding a job somewhere in Pittsburgh.

Kyle Gercken